Joyous Detox Giveaway!

You might have heard by now if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on social media that my new book Joyous Detox is FINALLY here!! To celebrate this joyous occasion, I’m doing a giveaway for my detox kit that I’ve put together with a bunch of my favourite products. One winner will get all of this plus a copy of my new book Joyous Detox!  

Here are all the items in my Joyous Detox Kit that you can enter to win…


Let’s look at the breakdown of this beautiful detox kit prize package. (By the way, if you don’t win it, you can still buy it here.)

My book: Joyous Detox!

This book is an absolutely delicious and healthy plan to detox every day, naturally! I’ve compiled my favourite detox-friendly recipes that you can follow in a 10-day meal plan. I’m confident you’ll be feeling so good after just 10 days that it will become part of your lifestyle. You’ll discover how to detox naturally by emphasizing foods that help stimulate detoxification and lifestyle habits to implement for your most joyous health. 


If you were curious how Walker and I (Vienna too!) eat on a daily basis, this book is a combination of our favourite recipes.  

You’ll never feel deprived or hangry. You’ll feel fully nourished!

When you give your body a break from sugar, gluten and dairy your digestion improves, you may lose weight, your skin glows, inflammation is lowered, you’ll sleep better and you’ll feel fully nourished. 

Joy McCarthy

chocolate chia mousse-06637

My book is mostly plant-based but I do have a few animal based recipes like Salmon Quinoa Burgers and Fish Tacos. Give some of my recipes a test-drive that are in Joyous Detox like my Chocolate Chia Mousse, Cashew Veggie Dip and the Salmon Quinoa Cakes. Let me know what you think!

Joyous Detox Tea

Joyous Detox Tea-06642-2

My new detox tea is a caffeine free, delicious tea made with organic and all natural ingredients to help keep you balanced and support your body’s detox systems. I recommend drinking this on an empty stomach or between meals to aid in detox and digestion. Read the full ingredient list here.

Natural Deodorant Sticks

Joyous Health Deodarant

My deo sticks contain clinically proven sage extract keeps you stink-free and free from chemicals that don’t belong on or in your body. Just like all my Joyous Health Natural Beauty products they are are free from: PEG, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol or Ethanol, Aluminum & Synthetic Fragrance. Always. Read the full ingredients here. 

Lip TreatMint Lip Balm


Are you addicted to having smooth, kissable lips? Me too! This lip balm is great applied on it’s own or over top of your favourite natural lipstick for some extra moisture. It’s also wonderful to sooth dry, chapped lips. Great for kids! Just like the deos, it is certified organic. 

Body Butter

Joyous Health Body Butter

There isn’t a single ingredient you can’t actually eat! However, slather it all over your beautiful body instead of eating it. There is zero fragrance added but it smells like chocolate because it’s made with cocoa butter. It’s the purest body butter you’ll ever use. Read all the ingredients here. 

Dry Skin Brush

Dry Skin Brush

This is hands down the BEST dry skin brush available today. Made with completely natural and sustainable ingredients, it’s the perfect way to detox your skin! Find out more about the DSB here. Learn how to dry skin brush in this post and all the incredible benefits for your beauty!

Detox Bath Dead Sea Salts

Joyous Detox Package-1

As I mentioned in my book on page 48, taking a detox bath is a fantastic way to not only soothe your soul, but aid in the elimination of toxins via your skin. These Dead Sea Salts are a fantastic way to do just that. Learn more about dead sea salts here. 

Detox Essentials Giveaway

Wishing you joyous health!


Ps. Don’t have my book yet? You can get it on AMAZON CANADA, AMAZON U.S, INDIGO CHAPTERS and BARNES & NOBLE.

Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...


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  • What moisturizer do you recommend for a woman face?
    And what exfoliant for the face?
    I’m also striking out on a healthy and reliable shampoo.
    I’m on the prowl for these 3 items and have been for quite some time.

    • Hey Rachelle!

      Joy uses Penny Lane Organics as a moisturizer and actually doesn’t use exfoliant. She’s also an avid fan of Green Beaver’s shampoo and uses it herself if you want to give that a try:

      Let us know how you like them if you end up scooping them up :)

      Rachel – Joyous Health Team

  • I’m on day 5 of your Joyous Detox, and I do feel amazing. I’m sleeping better, I have lost 4 pounds, and the recipes are amazing. So delicious!

    • Hi Nicole,

      We’re so happy to hear that! It only gets better (and more delicious) from here. You’re doing awesome! Thanks for sharing and so happy you’re enjoying it!

      Rachel – Joyous Health Team

  • I absolutely would love to do your detox program , Thankyou for what you do , I love watching all your videos and have been reading your first book and cooking your amazing recipes xo

  • I love reading your articles and watching your videos. Not only do I get great informative knowledge but I usually get a smile or laugh from whatever you have posted! It feels like I am listening to family and that is really comforting. Thanks for have a great website I can count on!

    • Hey Suzi,

      Thanks so much :) It’s so nice to hear such positive feedback from the community!

      Joy and Walker definitely have a blast doing those videos and posts, so it’s nice to know it’s well received.

      Thanks for following along!

      Rachel – Joyous Health Team