Rough cuts from “Joyous Detox” Photoshoot, Book Two!

You may have noticed if you follow me on instagram or twitter that I’ve been busy the past few weeks in-studio shooting recipes for my second book: Joyous Detox!! Yes that’s right!!! Book two is happening.

I’m beyond thrilled that Penguin Canada (now Penguin RandomHouse) is publishing book two. Writing, creating and having my first book Joyous Health was a dream come true and creating my second book is equally as incredible.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of my new, incredibly delicious and detox-friendly recipes. Please note these are not professional photos from my photographer, I’m saving those for the book… these are photos from my iphone. Some of them are “work in progress” photos while I’m making the recipe and others are just before the official shot while my food stylist Carol is making them look photo-worthy.

This is a photo of me with my fresh raw, detoxifying juice! My bambina bump is well hidden under this sweater :)

Joy McCarthy and Detox Juice

Just like my first book Joyous Health, the first half of my second book is a guide to living a detox-friendly lifestyle without deprivation and the second half features 80 gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free nourishing and delicious recipes. This book is your complete guide to GLOW every day!

My second book is a guide to living a detox-friendly lifestyle without deprivation, including 80 gluten-free, dairy-free and refined-sugar free nourishing and delicious recipes

Plus there is a 2-day, 10 and 21-day meal plan to provide you with the tools to succeed.

This photo here is my grain-free granola. It tastes amazing with some almond milk and fresh berries.

Grain-free granola

This will not be your typical detox book because you won’t feel deprived and you definitely won’t feel like you are dieting.  My philosophy is that you can and should eat flavourful food every day, and yes, even when you are “detoxing”. The truth is, these are recipes that are going to become a part of your every day that contain phytonutrients that support the body’s various detox systems. 

I am so excited about these new recipes because I’ve had three more years of having fun in the kitchen since I wrote my first book in 2012.

Cashew Herb Dip: Joyous Detox

Creamy Cashew Herb Dip

Salmon Quinoa Burgers

Salmon Quinoa Burgers

My sweet hubs Walker joined us one day for the photoshoot and here he is with my Miso Veggie Soup!

walker jordan

I once made the recipe below for a weekend bachelorette party and it was HUGE hit! I never got around to posting it to the blog and kept the recipe for many years making it at family get togethers and social gatherings. It’s a perfect recipe for Joyous Detox. It has a great combo of sweet and savoury flavours with an Asian flare.

Sesame Orange Quinoa: Joyous Detox

Sesame Orange Quinoa Salad

Sweet Pea Soup

Refreshing Sweet Pea Soup with Tarragon

Walker and I adore eating tacos and eat as many tacos at restaurants in Toronto as we do at home. This recipe is fresh and light. You’ll love it!

FIsh Tacos wtih Mango Salsa

Fish Tacos with Mango Salad and Watermelon Cucumber Salad

This is a chapter opener photo for the Salads and Snacks section featuring my purple and green cabbage slaw and roasted chickpeas plus various ingredients from other recipes.

Joyous Detox Book

And even though my book is a detox book, I do have a small “Sweets and Treats” section, because you deserve it! 

Chocolate Chia Mousse

Chocolate Chia Mousse

I’ve posted a lot more photos on my instagram feed and you can find them all easily if you search the hashtag #JoyousDetox.

You might be wondering when my book is coming out, not until early 2017. I know it’s a while to wait, but I promise it will be worth it! Also, I will be creating new recipes and sharing healthy living articles on joyous health as per usual.

Of course I couldn’t do all this alone, it takes a team of dedicated and talented professionals to create a beautiful and joyous book.

Thank you firstly to my amazing photographer Chris Bodnar. Not only is he super talented but he’s always so gosh darn jolly and considerate of my needs as a preggy mama! He has such a keen eye for making all my recipes look as vibrant, bright and appetizing as they do in person.

Carol Dano, my food stylist and official designer of all things Joyous Health has been working with me for quite a few years now. She designed my first book Joyous Health and did all the food styling as well. She has an ability to always bring my vision to life and everything she does is joyous. Plus she’s super sweet and so great to work with.

Lynsey Walker, healthy foodie and holistic nutritionist has been my right hand lady for this process. For my first book I did all the food prep myself, but I knew this time round I would need some help in-studio. She’s been fantastic, easy to work with and always ready to lend a helping hand. Plus many of my photos feature her beautiful boards that her hubby made!

And last but not least, thank you to Laura (@quest4wellness) — a school teacher who is incredibly enthusiastic about all things health and wellness. I met her a few years ago at a workshop I was teaching and I just loved her passion and joyfulness. She’s been testing many recipes for me on her family!

I hope you are as excited as I am about Joyous Detox. I truly hope it helps transform your life and helps you glow every day from the inside out.

Have a joyous day!


Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...

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  • YAY!!!!!!! Super excited for your second book to come out. I still reference your first book weekly for important health information :)

    • That’s awesome Liz! Glad to hear it. I can’t wait to share book 2 with you :)

  • We need to speed up time!!! Can’t wait for book #2!!! So anxious!! Lol

  • I’m excited for you Joy and proud of your accomplishments! You are always an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to enjoy your second book!

  • Really looking forward to your second book Joy! I loved your first one, it’s made a huge impact on my life and well-being, I took so much from it!

    • So glad you enjoyed the book Stefanie! We’re excited about Joy’s second book, too!

      Kate – Joyous Health Team