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I love sharing tips for creating beauty because guess what? …The root of beautiful hair, skin and nails stems from the inside. What I mean by that is, the inward health of your body is reflected on the outside.

For today’s post, I’m going to focus on tips for hair only. Hopefully you had a chance to read a previous post: 6 Chemical_Free Tips for Healthy Shiny Gorgeous Hair because in that post I also share hair beautifying nutrients. Here are 4 more tips for gorgeous hair. You may also want to watch the video below if you don’t feel like reading the post.

1. Do a hair-wash-detox. Even if you get greasy after one day, you need to take a break from washing it every day. Your scalp will produce oil in relation to how much you wash it. Meaning, if you wash every single day with a chemical-laden shampoo, you could be drying out your scalp and therefore, your scalp will produce more oil.

Even if you are using a chemical-free brand such as Hugo Natural’s or Green Beaver, you are still washing away the natural oils. Solution? Go greasy for a day and do this once a week. Your scalp will begin to adjust to less washing and produce less oil so you are not a greasy greaseball.

How to get through those greasy days? If you are a blondie, use a white powder ie. baby powder to soak up some oil (also known as “dry shampoo”), put a bandana on, wear a hat, tie your hair back in a ponytail – that’s what I do. I wash my hair about once every 3-4 days.

Those natural oils are the BEST moisturizer and natural conditioner for your lovely lockes and make your strands shiny and gorgeous!

2. Use an egg to wash your hair. I’m not kidding!! You will be AMAZED at how silky and smooth it makes your hair. This is a heck of a lot better than most of the shampoos on the market today and those petrochemical based shiny serums. Plus, eggs are completely chemical-free. Just make sure you buy organic eggs whenever possible. How to do it? Simply crack the egg on your head when you are in the shower and massage it into your mane. Just keep the water cool-ish otherwise you will create scrambled eggs on your head.

3. Brush your hair everyday the right way. I used to brush my hair completely the wrong way… from the top down. Eeeeek! Don’t do this. You promote a lot of breakage and then your hair looks dry and brittle.

Brush from the bottom up to remove all the knots first, and then brush from the top down. Brushing your hair helps to distribute those natural shiny oils to your whole mane.

Benefits? This not only helps to moisturize and remove frizzies, but it also prevents the grease from settling in one spot. It’s very good to increase circulation in your scalp as well, which helps to prevent hair loss too.

4. Natural Hair Shine Products that don’t contain chemicals: Coconut oil, argan oil (otherwise known as Moroccan oil), sweet almond oil, olive oil. All of these natural oils can be put in your hair to remove the frizzies, create a smooth and silky look.

The above tips will certainly help you on a day to day basis but please remember that your outward beauty is absolutely dependent on the raw materials you feed your body. Check out the recipes section of joyous health!

Also, keep in mind that you can book a private session to help create beauty from the inside out and get a totally custom meal plan unique to your needs. As a holistic nutritionist I consult clients from all over the world, so don’t hesitate to contact me even if you live in Australia!

Have a joyous day!


Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...



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    • awesome, let me know how it goes? Maybe you should take a photo ;)

  • Hi Joy! I just discovered your site and its amazing! I started with the lemon water in the morning and my skin already looks brighter! Also, I’ve started using coconut oil for a moisturizer and I feel a lot better knowing I am not using as much chemicals.
    AND I’ve started to wash my hair less too! I’m on summer vacation so I have some time to experiment lol I would love to try the egg wash but I am a tad nervous…haha does it really work?! And does it make your hair smell weird?

    • Thank you so much! The egg wash does not make your hair smell weird at all. Try it and let me know what you think!

  • I love beauty tips! I’m currently on the “no-poo shampoo” for this week :) The first day though, I saturated my hair in coconut oil and slept overnight in it. Be warned, it takes a few washes with lemon or ACV to get it completely out. But man does it ever make my hair soft and shiny. :)
    Joy, of all the talk about keeping hair on your head strong and shiny… what are your thoughts about all this laser hair removal technology that is all the rage? I’ve been thinking about getting it done, but first, I really want to know your thoughts about it, could it be a potential danger in the long term for your hormones or what ever else.

    • Great point Maya re. the lemon or ACV to get rid of any residue. I’m so happy to hear you did it!!

      As for laser hair removal.. I have some friends who have done it with great success (arm pits and lady parts). I have yet to do it. I would have to do more research before I provide an answer on that. :)

  • Hi Joy, just wondering- does not washing your hair everyday work for all climates? I live in a hot, humid and polluted part of Asia, and we perspire so much it’s really gross! Have tried skipping a day or two of not shampooing but the results are heinous. Any thoughts? I’m starting to think this works only in cooler and drier climates, though I would love to give my hair a break!

  • Hi Joy, great post! Just wondering if any of the oils mentioned (or any others) are really great for the scalp in promoting hair growth and just a happy scalp in general? :)

  • Hi Joy! Just wondering do you use the egg in place of shampoo or do you rinse with shampoo after washing your hair with an egg. Thanks!

  • I’ve been using baby powder (corn starch, Not talcum!!) for ten years on my off-wash days. I would say that I have light brown hair and, when used just a bit at a time, does not show. I just give a good brush through after and sometimes coconut oil on the ends for (a) happy, wash-free day(s)! I promise you, fellow oily-haired friends, it really helps!

  • Hair is one of the basic compounds of a good look. Taking care of it should be your everyday ritual. I am always looking for the natural products, because initially I am opposed to all kinds of chemicals. I use herbal shampoos, oils, eggs, yogurt and many other products as external remedies. In the same time, I consider my nutrition and fill my eating plan with useful foods. Besides, in autumn and spring I try to take additional vitamins. Recently I have found a nice nutritional supplement, which is most natural of all I have tried before. It’s Hair Gain Formula, manufactured by Military Grade. Together with it, all other actions which I take provide perfect results not only for my hair, but also for my skin and nails.